Is there a program now available that will eliminate future wars?

Is it now possible to achieve humanity's age-long dream of a world without war? In the evolution of history are there new factors that can facilitate peaceful resolution of conflict and encourage freedom and order, justice and mutual responsibility? Can we all now act as responsible Trustees of Earth?

The original Memorial Day began during the civil war by women in Georgia who planted flowers on the graves of soldiers who had died, honoring friend and foe alike. Patriotic soldiers followed their leaders and died on both sides of the battle.

While we will always remember the war heroes on our planet who gave their lives for their countries, our new world view of humanity as one human family on one fragile planet that needs our care, requires that we encourage the heroic in men and women, not through military campaigns, but through peaceful campaigns for environmental action and social justice. By these Earth Trustee actions we can honor peace. With vision and fervor we can now make our planet blossom. The best potentials of our children can now be encouraged and realized on a planet of peaceful progress and new hope for the future.

To proceed, all that is needed is global attention for this dynamic world view, which is one all can accept and support. Science, technology and the best in our religions -- love of neighbor and love of our planet -- have prepared us for this moment of opportunity. We've ended the cold war, are less threatened by bandit states and through efforts in the United Nations are improving communications, understanding and cooperation.

The new world view sees humanity as one family and Earth as our home. It requires that we now choose to be Trustees of Earth, seeking the protection and care of our planet, with fair benefits for all. Recognizing our diversity, we may pursue this goal in different ways, but we will learn from each other. With our common goal we will find and define points of common accord as we strive to act as responsible Trustees of Earth in every home, business, school, neighborhood and municipality.

There are three parts to our Earth Trustee responsibility:

  1. ECOLOGY; The protection and care of the eco-systems that cover our globe -- the understanding, protection and nurture of soil, air, water, trees, and creatures great and small. The use of technology in ways that extend instead of destroy nature's natural bounty. Lifestyles and conduct that favor nature's needs.
  2. ECONOMICS; Business and financial structures and programs must be devised that provide fair opportunity for everyone -- including the disinherited poor -- and incentives for nurturing instead of polluting the environment. Any honest worldwide examination of the inequity in present tax programs, credit policies and property rights will result in adoption of Earth Trustee economic policies that are based on justice, eliminate waste and promote fair opportunities.
  3. ETHICS; There is growing awareness of the importance of ethics in our conduct. People are creatures of habit and civilization is fraught with conflicting basic assumptions (mostly unexamined) about the purpose and meaning of life, resulting in confrontation which sometimes provokes violence and war. While differences about the mysteries of life and consciousness will continue, there is now a possibility of a basic unity in our diversity, a single goal people of all religions and no religion can accept: the rejuvenation and enjoyment of Planet Earth. Focus on this goal can break the habit of focusing on our differences.

To accomplish this requires a deep heartfelt motivation that will tap the best in our spiritual roots. The best proof -- here and now -- of ethical value in our religious faith is our compassion, sense of responsibility and our practice of the Golden Rule, with love of neighbor, love of our planet and love of God (or of the mystery that is the source of life).

Now is the time to mobilize our faith and our institutions in a global "Effort for Earth." Now is the time, especially, for a new sense of purpose and responsibility by public media. What is needed are features and headlines for the many solutions that are working and need attention. LET THERE BE A MEDIA BLITZ FOR EARTH'S REJUVENATION.

What can the individual do? There are hundreds of organizations and programs that need help. How do you decide what to do?

Determine you are going to be an Earth Trustee and do what you can. Actions good or bad begin in the mind. Many are putting their faith in practice by the habit of prayer as they go to sleep -- with faith that in their first waking thoughts they will sense God's presence with new ideas and inspiration for Earth Trustee action. Others, who do not believe in God, will be aided in their Earth Trustee choices by the power of positive thinking.

To aid inner commitment and responsible actions we are urging all radio and TV stations worldwide to program daily Earth Minutes at 0300, 1100 and 1900 GMT (11:00 pm, 7:00 am and 3:00 pm EDT). These minutes without words will have locally produced music, views of Earth from space, nature, and children.

When you hear Earth Minutes announced you can link your thoughts and prayers, with the whole human family. At other times reports and features will be about Earth Trustee solutions, planned and programmed. This will help make local decisions global for a healthy peaceful future on our planet.

Write your radio, TV station and newspaper, Email web sites, asking them to join the Earth Trustee Media Blitz. We have the raw materials, the technology, the people -- trained or capable of training, and we have instant global communications. All we need is the will and the way. Here is the way!

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June 6, 2005