What Is Truth?

By John McConnell

"The Man Who Started Earth Day"

The whole world is now affected by the controversy over the nature and importance of the White House telling the truth. The issue reflects the confusion and the loss of ethics in America and the world.

We are seeing the results of rejecting time honored concepts of moral and religious values. In the past the pursuit of truth, justice and compassion reflected a “reverence for life.” Albert Schweitzer was just one of the many scholars who supported this view.

Now there seems to be an attitude – especially in mass media – that truth is relative. There is no right or wrong. Words and actions are only chosen that will promote personal or corporate power. Power of money and mass media largely decides what is right or true.

Add to this the fact that new technology has vastly extended our knowledge of the cosmos, revealing infinite chaos that confuses our ideas of purpose and order.

As we approach a New Millennium it is time to take stock of human destiny. Why are we here? What’s life all about? What is the future of life on our planet?

To proceed we must recognize two dimensions of reality – the material or physical and the spiritual or metaphysical. While there is phenomena that suggests life after death and the power of answered prayer, there is no scientific explanation on which scientists can agree. We are faced with profound mystery – and different religions have conflicting explanations.

In proceeding it is important that we leave room for differences in religious beliefs. Then we can come together in common efforts for “peace, justice and the care of Earth,” strengthened by our personal faith in an ultimate reality and purpose.

It is urgent that we re-examine how human activity has endangered life on our planet and what we must do to save and rejuvenate our Earth.

Fortunately, we now have the knowledge and technology that can end pollution, poverty and violence. Our task is to act as Earth Trustees – with an agenda that will best achieve our common goal. Our success will require a strong faith and a heartfelt love for people and planet.

To see what you can do, go to the Earth Day / Earth Trustee web site: www.earthsite.org. There you will find the agenda that people of every creed and culture can approve and support. This agenda reflects the importance of truth and seeks to set forth the most important truths we can all agree on.

There you will find the Earth Magna Charta, which sets forth the Earth Trustee policy and action guidelines. Here on Earth, in the chaos of the cosmos, we see beauty and love at work. Now, with the faith that works by love and the Earth Trustee vision we can overcome the evil in the minds of men. Corruption will flee and truth will set us free to live right and enjoy the human adventure.

Let us now answer the ancient question, “What is truth?” with honest, truthful words and actions and the New Millennium will be filled with hope and promise.

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June 6, 2005