"Earth Day" is a name widely recognized.  But few know the amazing story of the first Earth Day - its purpose and potentials.

Understanding Earth Day and its original purpose can result in the rapid elimination of poverty, pollution and violence.  It could bring a change in the global state of mind and rapidly replace misunderstanding and conflict with peaceful progress and a great common cause - the rejuvenation of Planet Earth.

To understand the true Earth Day we must first expose the deception that has thus far prevented fulfillment of the Earth Day dream and agenda for a better world.

The so-called April 22 Earth Day was an impostor - organized as a fund raising tool for protesting against pollution and promoting a political agenda.  The initial name for this event was "Environmental Teach-In."  When March 21 was proclaimed "Earth Day" by the City of San Francisco they "borrowed" the name Earth Day for their later event.

In succeeding years they tried in every way to supplant the real Earth Day. They made repeated efforts at the United Nations to replace the March Earth Day with the April 22 event.  In 1971 United Nations Sec. Gen. U Thant told
them that nature's March Earth Day was a much better idea and the Earth Day on March 20 or 21 (depending on the day that Spring begins) was the only Earth Day celebrated at the United Nations in succeeding years.

The real Earth Day played a role at the United Nations in ending the Cold War and promoting environmental action.  (See Earth Day: Past, Present, Future - www.earthsite.org)  This happened in spite of the confusion caused by two
events having the same name.

The idea of John McConnell, founder of the real Earth Day, was to have one great global day for Planet Earth each year.  Earth Day was to be on the March day when the equinox occurred -- day of nature's equipoise when night
and day are equal and Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere.

From this Earth Day sprang the Earth Trustee idea - that we would all help take care of Earth.  Every individual and institution would seek in their own way to eliminate pollution, poverty and violence and foster peace, justice and the care of Earth.  This would awaken the wonder of life and bring a peaceful, prosperous future.

Unfortunately, the benefit of the real Earth Day was prevented by the confusion resulting from the April 22 Earth Day deception - one of the great tragedies of our time.  This has prevented the real Earth Day from getting the attention and support needed for Earth's rejuvenation.

While many individuals, schools and other groups have used the April 22 Earth Day to promote environmental action, far more can be accomplished by using another name for April 22 (which was the "Environmental Teach-In").  Then the
power and purpose of the real Earth Day will achieve its purpose of  "peace, justice and the care of Earth."

Finally, someone has persuaded the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) to support the April 22, 2000 Earth Day and link it with their World Environment Day.  We hope you who read this will write or email UNEP that
this is a terrible mistake.

Let's get attention for the truth about Earth Day and make the next occasion of nature's special event - Earth Day, March 20, 2001 - the great day it deserves to be.  The real Earth Day in the new millennium can foster an Earth
Trustee future of great promise for the human family and the wonderful skin of life that covers our globe. 

Earth Day web site: www.earthsite.org