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Earth Day

Millions of people around the world are reached through our internet site
and many are becoming Earth Trustees.

If you are doing anything concrete with the ideas
put forth by John McConnell and the Earth Trustee Idea,
please write to us and we will post your story.

Many cities around the world have developed ties as "sister cities."
Please promote the idea of "trustee cities" --
encourage your city or town to adopt the goals and policies of
the Earth Trustee agenda.

Become an EarthTrustee by endorsing and agreeing to promote Earth Trustee principles and actions,
and register as an Earth Trustee by submitting the following form:


Helping People Develop Their Calling
Earth Trustees

As of January 2010, the form below needs repair. Until repair is completed, please submit information (using the outline below) directly to EarthTrustee.

Entry #5 in the Form can help you reflect on
how you can best act as an Earth Trustee.

Answering this Registration form takes only a minute.
It asks for a small amount of biographical information,
and provides an opportunity for you to share how
you are helping in earth stewardship.

1) Your name (include title-- Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.)

2) Your street address (and apartment or unit number if needed)

3) Your city, state and zip (or if outside the United States, your full address)

4) What is your occupation? (housewives included!)
75 words maximum.

5) If you have been involved in environmental stewardship or peace-promoting activities, please describe them briefly.

6) Date

Now that you have completed the questionnaire, complete your registration by pressing the SUBMIT button below.  By submitting the Registration, you declare that:

"I endorse the concept of Earth Trustees, and I pledge that
I will act as a Trustee of the Earth by --
· promoting actions to preserve peace and planet;
· conserving nature and its resources;
· encouraging environmental stewardship; and
· asking others to do the same."

Privacy -- All information submitted in this Registration is strictly confidential and will not be distributed to any individual or group outside EarthSite.org and its Founder and immediate Staff.

Help us spread the message.
Please promote Earthsite.org, and ask your friends to become an Earth Trustee.

Please send your contributions to:

Earth Trustees, Inc.
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Phone: 303-758-7687

Thank you for your support.

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