Do Your Part!

By John McConnell – The man who started Earth Day.

As we stand on the cusp of a new millennium, we see the culmination of humanity’s evil tendencies – division, violence, injustice, poverty and despair.  Is there any hope for the future?  Can we somehow tap the world’s attention and provide a pregnant answer?

I’m 84 years old now.  In the brief period of my life span there has been incredible changes in the human adventure.  When I was very young my father bought a crystal set radio – a sensational little device that enabled you (with earphones) to hear radio; then a recent discovery.  My father, who was a minister, explained that the air around us had music and voices in it.  He put his fingers together and said, "Right now I’m holding a note between my fingers.  You can’t see it – but a crystal set can pick it up an let you hear it." 

With all that has followed – TV and now Internet – I can say that between my fingers I am holding millions of books from major libraries.  They are on Internet and a laptop computer can pick them up right here. 

Our new technology for production and communication opens the door to a great opportunity.  Our common goal can now be to assume our rightful role as custodians of Earth.

We have an amazing planet with raw materials and natural resources.  But human folly and greed have hindered efforts to foster commitment to the stewardship of Earth.  We must now win global support for a moral equivalent of World War II -- an all-out effort for peace, justice and the care of Earth – the only way to a viable future.  The problem is how to get attention for the agenda that will best override evil tendencies.  A powerful vision of our Earth Trustee opportunities and responsibilities is the answer.

Thirty years ago, when the Cold War was at its worst, Moscow launched the first man-made object to circle the globe.  Called Sputnik (Satellite), it was launched (unintentionally) on the Feast Day of St. Francis – October 4, 1957.

That event stirred the world with a new awareness of our planet and human destiny.  "We set out to explore Space and discovered Earth."  (It also caused great fear because of the military possibilities.)

St. Francis and Sputnik point the way to a peaceful prosperous future.  Discover Earth with the eyes of St. Francis and you will feel the love of neighbor and nature we as Earth Trustees now need.  Then every day will be an Earth Trustee day as we put aside our differences and work together for Earth’s rejuvenation.

(Note to Editor:  Put this on the front page and see what happens.)
April 6, 1999

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