By John McConnell

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Concerning the rights of all people to Earth's land, sea, minerals, oil and other natural resources.

1. That all men are created equally free and independent and have among their inalienable rights certain fundamental property rights during their sojourn on this planet.

2. That a beneficent Creator has provided this Earth-home, this nest in the stars, with an abundance of land and natural resources; enough that with care and cooperation a good life can be enjoyed by all members of the family of man.

3. That among the equal rights of men is the right to an equal share in nature's bounty; a right of each man [person] to his planetary inheritance -- his share of land, water, minerals or an appropriate equivalent in food, housing or other benefits. No one can, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity, or any other man's posterity, of the right to his portion or Earth. All natural resources belong equally to every living person.

4. That steps should be taken to compensate for, or other wise adjust the differences in the present unequal ownership of the gifts of nature. To this end each nation should collect a two

percent royalty each year for all use (including its own) of any land or other natural resources. These royalties would be above and apart from taxation for government needs, and be distributed equally to all citizens through quarterly payments, or other appropriate measures. In this way within a fifty year life span there will be full and just compensation to each person for the use of his portion of Earth's natural riches.

5. That since the benefits of nature's bounty can only be realized through man's constructive effort and the wise use of his accumulated knowledge, each person's learning and labor should be encouraged and rewarded. Therefore, no individual, or group should be deprived of any just benefits obtained from Earth's available -- so long as fair payment is made to the rest of mankind.

6. That the basic raw materials of the Earth should be made available to all on an equal basis, with due regard for the requirements of conservation; that the United Nations should seek agreements to serve this purpose.

7. That steps be taken by the United Nations to assure that the use and exploitation of the sea and sea floor will be equally available to people of all nations, subject to careful conservation regulations and supervision; and that in addition to fees for its services, the United Nations will collect royalties for the use of the sea and sea floor to be distributed equally among the ultimate owners -- all the people of this Earth.

8. That as these steps toward social justice and cooperation demonstrate their advantage, all nations should seek to adjust the remaining differences among them in natural resources benefits through participation in a natural resource Royalties pool, whereby equal royalty payments would be paid each and every member of the whole human family. These steps toward realization of global property rights will encourage cooperation, individual initiative, and responsibility; they will make feasible full production with ever-growing peaceful progress as we explore the nature of man and his place in the universe, and find new ways to encourage and inspire his highest potentials.

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June 6, 2005