The first Earth Day, proclaimed by the City of San Francisco and celebrated on March 21, 1970 was created by John McConnell. What led him to the idea was his interest in Space exploration and awareness of the March Equinox, nature's primary day of global equilibrium.

This special moment of nature's equipoise provides a sound basis for members of the human family to simultaneously join -- each in their own way -- in silent prayer or reflection : a time for dedication and commitment to the care of our planet, a time for thanksgiving and celebration. Earth Day is on the first day of Spring -- nature's symbol of renewal and new life.

Observed each year at the United Nations and to some extent around the world, nature's Earth Day celebration of life has been a dynamic force for resolution of conflicts and peaceful progress -- for harmony with neighbor and nature by people acting as responsible trustees of Earth.

As soon as there is global understanding about Earth Day -- its history, meaning, purpose and Earth Trustee vision, a healthy global unity will pervade the world.

We will then acknowledge and accommodate our differences more freely because nature's day will bring us together on what we agree is most important -- the nurture of people and planet.

These new connections with one another will bring united support for common global goals, one unanimous holiday and new hope for the future.

Here is a chance to unite the world in a common cause that will benefit all.


Margaret Mead -- Earth Day Peace Bell Ceremony United Nations, March 21, 1977

"Earth Day is the first completely international and universal holiday that the world has ever known. Every other holiday was tied to one place, or some political or special event. This Day is tied to Earth itself, and to the place of Earth in the whole solar system. At this moment, when I climb the steps and ring the Peace Bell, it will be the Equinox in every part of the world, and we can all celebrate it at once on behalf of every part of the world."



By John McConnell -- 3-30-01
86 year old founder of Earth Day

From its beginning the purpose of the authentic Earth Day was to provide an annual date on which the whole world (people of every creed and culture) would rededicate themselves to the care of Earth. The March Equinox (nature's special day of equilibrium) provided an appropriate time to celebrate the wonder of life on our planet. This could be a special day for the human family to focus on a common cause that would appeal to all -- stewardship of Earth.

The more we think and act as Earth Trustees, the more we will see and do the things that will eliminate pollution, poverty, injustice and conflict -- violence, war.

Earth Day and its Earth Trustee agenda was further defined and provided with guidelines in the "Earth Magna Charta" which is at the Earth Day web site: Earth Day avoids matters in which honest people disagree.

While seeking a common cause it is important to do it honestly. Spin doctors twist words to mean something different from what was intended. Some say "Earth Day is a good idea and it doesn't matter what date you celebrate. Choose any day for Earth Day -- make every day Earth Day." They don't suggest you make every day, or any day, your birthday -- instead of a special annual event connected with something important -- your birth. (On Earth Day - March 21, 1971, UN Sec. Gen. U Thant said "Happy Birthday Planet Earth!)

Also, there is the problem of power. Most of us are media made. Our opinions and conduct are influenced by the paper we read and the TV or web programs we view. In all of this, big money or corporate and government power in a large measure decides what happens.

We appeal to those in positions of power to now provide a moral equivalent of war: Provide an Earth Trustee Media Blitz to save civilization. Feature and headline actions that benefit people and planet -- that promote peace, justice and the care of Earth; the Earth Trustee agenda. Aided by wise use of our new technology we can then make the world a happy home for all.

With global understanding and backing for the March Earth Day and its idea of all people thinking and acting as Earth Trustees, we can make this New Millennium an Earth Trustee Millennium - with new health and prosperity for the human family and the amazing web of life that covers our globe.

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"Why another Earth Day - and on April 22nd? I would venture a possibility -- although Easter varies as to its date each year, it seems to be generally around mid-to-late April and many of those who support the "spurious" Earth Day have beliefs that run counter to the true meaning of Easter -- namely, the celebration of the risen Lord Jesus Christ...Many Christians who observe Earth Day on April 22 have not seen the true history of Earth Day ( While people of all religions and no religion celebrate the real Earth Day, which is on the March Equinox, it especially appeals to Christians -- because the centerpiece of Earth Day (the moment of the equinox) provides a powerful moment of opportunity for Christians, as well as others, to join in silent prayer and dedication to the care of Earth."


Back in 1957 John McConnell was Co-Publisher of the Toe Valley View, a small North Carolina newspaper. He wrote an editorial right after the first Sputnik Satellite urging a bright visible "Star of Hope" satellite that would be a symbol of peace and goodwill. This brought global publicity for a new world view (though the Satellite was never launched) and headed McConnell toward Earth Day.

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