Flee Babylon -- Isaiah 48:20

I was praying about the war in Iraq and got the above Scripture.

President Bush uses the power of money and military might to murder his enemies. Jesus commanded his disciples to love their enemies and the power of his love can convert them and make them our friends.

The actions in Iraq of Bush and Hussein make skeletons of their enemies. Both Washington and Bagdad have become like ancient Babylon.

Global Crisis: Grave Danger

Many scholars agree human history will soon come to an end - unless we end our addiction to war. New diabolical weapons make it possible for a few individuals to inflict massive death and destruction.

The most powerful nation (the United States) spends billions for war -- and pennies for peace. NOVA (the PBS TV program) has shown in their films the massive United States efforts to create new weapons. If the money spent for devilish weapons of war to kill people were spent for peacemaking education and actions, we could soon eliminate war as a way to settle differences.

Earth is an amazing planet with a web of life that with understanding and care can provide a great future for the whole human family. Earth is our inheritance and our responsibility. We must replace Earth Kill with Earth Care and replace war makers with peace makers. Everyone needs to find how they can best serve this common purpose.

Our greatest problem is the problem of power. In reality, we are ruled by the military-industrial complex and the war profiteers. These corporations and their million dollar lobyists are adept at deceiving the public.

The corrupting influence of power increases the desire for power. As a result, efforts to make the most money lead many to invest in the stock that brings the greatest return -- instead of the stock that does the most good. Long ago the war-maker dealers in death discovered the greatest financial profit and power came from producing weapons of war. The more diabolical, the greater the profit.

There is little awareness of the history of our institutions and how human greed and lust for power produced structures and policies that are evil and reward deception. The Stock Market itself is a prime example. The people who control major corporations are a key factor in the control of the world. Today the most powerful individual or institution is the one that has the most money. What could and should be most powerful are the voices that speak for peace, justice and the care of Earth's wonderful web of life. To avoid global catastrophe, leaders of all altruistic institutions must now unite in a common cause -- peace, justice and a sustainable future.

Earth Day and its Earth Trustee agenda provides the way. Here is the event and vision that can appeal to the most people and do the most good. The first day of Spring, March 19, 20 or 21, has been celebrated each year as Earth Day. Featured annually at the United Nations, it fostered environmental actions around the world and helped end the "Cold War."

In the present world crisis and danger of a catastrophe that would end the human adventure, each and every one who prefers peace must now be a peacemaker in thought, word and deed. We need a moral equivalent of World War II -- a Peace Blitz that will expose the hypocracty of Bush and his war makers, eliminate the causes of war, demonstrate the power of faith, prayer and non-violence, convert all warmakers to peacemakers and provide a future for the human family.

Every one who agrees with this special appeal is urged to think, talk and take action. Its time to end the human family's long history of wars and violence. We now have the knowledge and understanding for a global turn toward peace. Together, we can provide a great future for people and planet!

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