Earth Day 2003 was on March 20, the day President Bush chose to attack Iraq. The choice of this day added insult to injury.

For 33 years Earth Day and its Earth Trustee agenda of "peace, justice and the care of Earth" had aided efforts for peaceful progress on our planet. Earth Day's Peace Bell ceremony at the United Nations brought together leaders from countries in danger of going to war -- and resulted in understanding and choosing the ways of peace. Earth day helped end the Cold War and brought actions to foster cross-cultural education and the care of the environment.

It was the dream of John McConnell, the founder of Earth Day, that with our new global communications, the human family could end its addiction to war and provide a new beginning for the whole world.

(At one of the United Nations Peace Bell Ceremonies on Earth Day, Isaac Asimov said, "When we ring the Peace Bell it is the beginning of Spring -- Nature's moment of new life and new beginnings. And our planet needs a new beginning.")

However, the warmakers had far more money than the peacemakers. The massive millions made from diabolical weapons increased their lust for money and power. Other nations sought to compete and increased their weapons, but the hidden conspiracies of the "Dealers in Death" aided their control of oil wealth, resulting in the most corrupt power structure in history. Among other things, their money power enabled them to influence Congress and the White House.

Years ago there was a saying, "I discovered who the enemy was, and it is US." I don't think the author meant the United States, but now it seems to be the case.

The greatest irony is that the United States is the leading "Christian Country." President Bush attends church and claims to be a Christian and to get his guidance from his faith.

The key message of Jesus is found in the Sermon on the Mount -- Matthew 5. He said, "Love your enemies...Do good to them that hate you." What this meant and its contribution to peace was demonstrated through the ages by his followers. From St. Francis to Martin Luther King, we find opposition to the ways of war and the power of nonviolent resolution of conflict when hearts are filled with the love of Christ.

It's amazing how Bush and his spin doctors change the plain meaning of words.

Can the power of the love of Christ bring peace on Earth?

That now seems impossible. But I believe in miracles. Join with me today in helping bring a global turn toward peace. Between now and March 20 (Earth Day 2004) we can circle the world with words and actions to foster peaceful progress on Planet Earth.

Make a heartfelt decision to think and act as a responsible Trustee of Earth. Decide how you can help, and join a group that will aid this endeavor. Help make March 20 the Great Day of Earth. Let's take the March Equinox away from the warmakers and give it back to the peacemakers. Together, we can turn the world right side up and have a great future.

John McConnell


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