An Earth Trustee Solution

The Peace efforts by Palestine and Israel need a new basic approach:  one that will resolve the conflicting claims of personal as well as national property rights -- the underlying problem.

Today we are more informed about the amazing wealth of our planet.  Its raw materials -- land, oil, gold and other minerals, plus its great diversity of organic life, can provide a healthy, prosperous future for all its inhabitants.

Justice demands an equal claim for all Earth's people to Earth's raw materials. The Psalms tell us, "The Earth hath He given to the children of men."  Our economic systems should be designed to provide each person their inheritance in their planet.  Every adult should by rights have two sources of income -- what they earn and their inheritance.

This could easily be accomplished by requiring all who have more than their share of Earth's land or minerals to pay two percent of its value each year to those who do not own any.  Planetary inheritance would eliminate extreme poverty and with a new sense of fair opportunity encourage industry and entrepreneurial efforts.

This view is presented in the Earth Magna Charta and is part of the Earth Trustee agenda for eliminating the conflict and wars that have plagued history.  In the past nations have fought over land and oil, not using justice, but military and economic might to settle their differences.  Our planet is too fragile and our weapons too terrible to continue this policy.

Israel and Palestine are considered the "Holy Land" by Christian, Muslim and Jew.  Each of these religions teach honesty, truth and justice.  Let them now come together for what they all know is right:  Make Jerusalem an Earth
Trustee city -- a world capitol.  (Jerusalem was to be a separately administered international entity in the original GA resolution supporting the partitioning of Palestine.)  There, with the help and approval of the United Nations, local representatives of these three religions will manage the governing of Jerusalem.  Already Muslims, Jews and Christians are developing separate, but friendly communities for their constituents.  And they are beginning to learn how to accept one another.  An Earth Trustee agenda for all could bring an air of excitement as they led the way to the rejuvenation of our planet.  Muslim, Christian and Jew share a belief in a personal God and in ethical values that can foster individual rights and responsibilities.

The adoption of Earth Trustee property rights would place individual planetary rights above national rights.  It would diminish nationalism but at the same time work to the advantage of all states, for their welfare depends ultimately on the justice and opportunity afforded their citizens.  It would also tend to lessen the danger and the fears of Israeli expansionism and of both Arab and Israeli revenge, for this new doctrine of property rights would give all a new sense of justice.  A common commitment to think and act as Trustees of Earth will then transcend diverse creeds and national loyalties.

Both the Arab states and Israel would then be able to cooperate in providing an equal Planetary Inheritance for each Jew and Arab (and other citizens).  This will inspire new moral and meaningful relationships between these ancient brothers who -- in spite of their many outbreaks of hate and violence, deeply desire conciliation and peace.  Their example and its benefits would quickly be followed by other cities and states around the world and provide new hope in the new millennium.  

By John McConnell           
The Founder of Earth Day
Earth Magna Charta:

May 2000