John McConnell
Originator of the first Earth Day on March 21, 1970

We know our actions affect other people. Do thoughts and prayers about altruistic goals also affect other people?

If they do - and I believe they do, then Earth Day provides a great opportunity to halt humanity's rush toward disaster and create a global state of mind that will foster global peace and Earth's rejuvenation.

I hope you will think about this or pray about it and do what you then decide is best.

Forward this message to your closest friends. With global attention this could soon convert Internet, which is a tower of Babel, into a pillar of light, a lighthouse for this new millennium.


At age 90 I think more about the mystery of life -- why do I exist and what is life all about? In this age of science we have no proof that we have a soul that will continue our existence after death. No one has a video tape of what it is like in heaven.

We are confronted with the mystery of time and space. I cannot imagine what it would be like to continue existence for a thousand years - let alone a billion years. We do know there are other solar systems with planets, but cannot comprehend the magnitude of the Cosmos.

The best scientists all agree that when it comes to the big questions we are all faced with inexplicable mystery.

But the greatest mystery is the mystery of beauty and love in the midst of the chaos of the cosmos. "Every time I hear a new born baby cry, or touch a leaf, or see the sky, then I know why, I BELIEVE." (Song by Erwin Drake.)

While Earth Day on the March Equinox appeals to people of every creed and culture, following is the reasoning back of the support by many Christians. This is a matter of faith. Many people of other religions do more for peace and justice than the dogmatic Christians who denounce them. The important thing is not what you say or believe, but what you do.

An explanation that appeals to me is the idea that there cannot be a creation without a creator. The creator of the Cosmos must have great wisdom and the greatest wisdom is the wisdom of love. The creator must be a God of Love.

The greatest example of Love that I know is the love found in the commandments and promises of Jesus recorded in the Gospels.

The Earth Day that I started was born in prayer and the faith that Jesus taught. "Oh the faith that works by love. Will move the mountains when we pray. Oh the faith that works by love. Will turn the darkness into Day." (Song by my Mother.)

The First Day of Spring
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things he has made."

Romans 1:20

The conversion of Brother Lawrence (1666) -- beloved by all who value the virtues of peace -- resulted from the mere sight on a midwinter day "of a dry and leafless tree standing gaunt amid the snow; it stirred deep thoughts within him of the change the coming spring would bring."

The idea of the original Earth Day (March 21, 1970) was to have a great global holiday on nature's day -- the first day of Spring. At this moment of the March Equinox, participation is signaled in many places around the world by the ringing of bells -- as the Peace Bell at the United Nations is rung.

At that moment people of every creed and culture join in silent prayer, meditation or reflection, to deepen their commitment to the care of our planet.

This is nature's inspiring moment of equipoise. At this special time a six month long day will begin at the North Pole and a six month long night at the South Pole. This is the occasion when night and day are equal all over the world.

The first day of Spring is a divine symbol and promise of new life. Plants that have died will now be reborn in the seeds they have left. Caterpillars will change into butterflies. Spring is the time for new life and new beginnings.

The March equinox provides a unique opportunity for Christians to all affirm their faith at the same moment in time. Jesus stated in Matthew 18:19, "that if two of you agree on earth as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them." Earth Day is about the stewardship role God has given us -- a most important matter to agree on.

In Genesis 2:15 man is given the responsibility to "tend" and "keep" the place in which he dwells. Genesis 1:26, "let them rule over all the earth and its living creatures." Romans 1:20 states that God's qualities are discernible through the evidence in creation, and so the studying of nature can lead a person to God.

The day Spring begins provides a special opportunity to deepen awareness of nature and our commitment to think and act as trustees of Earth. Then when we buy, when we invest and in our daily conduct, let us seek choices that will nurture life and eliminate pollution, poverty and our addiction to war.

While all people can never meet at the same place, on Earth Day our hearts and minds can all meet with one another and with God at the same time. Let the day of the March Equinox be a time of awareness of people and planet: of our personal family and our global family, of the nearest tree and the worldwide forests, of God's love and our responsibility to think and act as Trustees of Earth.

People of all creeds and cultures celebrate Earth Day. It brings us together on what we all want to support - "peace, justice, and the care of Earth." This can be a lighthouse of hope for the whole human family.

As Earth Trustees let's make Earth Day (March 20, 2006) a global
Turn Toward Peace.
Together, we can make our Earth Home a Nest in the Stars.

Earth Day --

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