What Went Wrong?

The key reason for failure in Kosovo was the failure of the March 20 UN observance of Earth Day to get global attention.  On that occasion the Peace Bell was again rung at the moment Spring began – followed by a brief heartfelt commitment by participants to actions that will foster peace, justice and stewardship of Earth.

Speaking on this occasion, Ambassador Hadi Hosseinian from Iran said this was a time to set aside all differences.  He stated, "In the threshold of the third millennium, celebration of the "Earth Day’ is filled with symbolism for all civilizations.  They signify the care for the earth and fostering peace and prosperity for all as the common denominators of civilizations."

Had world leaders and media called attention to this unprecedented opportunity and provided live coverage of this event, awareness and world public opinion would have fostered peaceful resolution of conflicting claims to the Kosovo part of our planet.

Earth Day statements, now and in the past, make it clear that to end history’s long record of war and conflict, individual and group claims to land can be resolved by first coming together in a commitment to think and act as trustees of Earth.  When there is an all-out commitment to end poverty, pollution and violence, dialogue on differences about which government controls a piece of property will lead to peaceful resolution or accommodation.

If Moscow and Washington could put aside deep differences in order to defeat Hitler, surely Yugoslavia’s conflicting groups can do as much.  People of vision recognize the stakes are now even higher.

We are one human family and have only one Earth.  Unless we mobilize a global effort for Earth’s rejuvenation and justice for all, civilization is doomed.

Had we heeded the message of hope on nature’s icon of new opportunity – the moment we rang the Peace Bell on Earth Day – Kosovo would now be moving toward a peaceful future.


Peace begins in the mind.  President Clinton ignored requests to participate and get attention for the Earth Day Peace Bell event – which with global attention would deeply motivate peaceful actions.  Instead of peace by peaceful methods he chose to seek peace by threats and now by bombs and killing.  Violence does not cease by violence.  Violence ceases only by
compassion and good will.

World War II was supposed to be "The War To End All Wars."  Our century of diabolical wars will not end wars by another war.

Forward this message to someone of influence in religion, politics, education and mass media.  When leaders (and laymen) agree on the solution and walk their talk, the rejuvenation of our planet will begin.

John McConnell  March 25, 1999

WOW Zone & Earth Day