(John McConnell, 85 year old founder of Earth Day (1970), has devoted his life to "peace, justice and the care of Earth."

While Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush have wonderful family values and proclaim their Christian faith, their statements do not reveal knowledge of what is most important -- an Earth Trustee vision and agenda for the country.

Al Gore wrote a great book on the Environment describing the urgent need to eliminate pollution and protect nature's wondrous bounty. But it was flawed, because it stated the solution was to have the federal government correct the problem. This would only bring more bureaucracy, which is a major cause of our problems.

On the other hand, while recognizing the importance of returning power to the individual and local community, George W. Bush, does not address the evils of corporate and institutional power.

The real solution to pollution and economic injustice is to educate and inspire people and institutions, families, schools, businesses, etc., to think globally and act locally as Trustees of their Earth (Earth Trustees).

The President needs to proclaim the importance of obtaining an Earth Trustee future. Then his effective use of the White House "Bully Pulpit" will get attention for Earth Trustee ideas and actions.

This is the way to peaceful progress in the new millennium.

John McConnell
The man who started Earth Day

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June 6, 2005