By John McConnell -  
Founder of Earth Day and Earth Trustees.

Following is a vision and agenda that given global attention can provide a peaceful prosperous future all over the world.

Scholars from science, religion and philosophy have different perspectives on what is important and what life is all about.  But most can agree that to continue the human adventure we must get behind a common cause all can support.

In the original Earth Day the purpose was "peace, justice and the care of Earth."  This ambitious goal has been sought in different ways by people of different creeds and cultures. They left room for their differences and focused on where they agree.  

Most people can agree that we have an amazing planet, covered with a skin of life, and that now with wise use of our technology we can eliminate pollution, ignorance and poverty and provide a sustainable future.

To succeed, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past.  Human history has a long record of more evil than good.  While the world has long had examples of good, there are far more examples of evil.   We need a moral equivalent of war to tip the balance in the right direction.

But first we have to look at the state of the world and understand the problems we face.

Our view will depend on what we are looking for.  An economist will look at the economy. A politician will look at governments.  A theologian will look at religion.  People around the world will reflect different views.  

But people working in these different areas have not had an agenda that would link their independent efforts in a common goal.
The formula for the Earth Trustee agenda will encourage links and mutual efforts where there is agreement and leave room for differences.

We ask individuals and institutions to all choose and support some project that will benefit people and planet.  Call it an Earth Trustee project and share reports of your efforts and their success.

Together, we can make the new millennium a new beginning for planet Earth.

John McConnell
1933 Woodbine St.
Ridgewood, NY 11385

Ph: 718/366-6863