A Challenge to Individuals and Institutions to Act as Earth Trustees.

By John McConnell

The Earth Day Founder

Are the differences rending society capable of being mended?

What is the best formula to save our cities and the world?

The answer is very simple. We have argued and fought over our differences. Now we must define and vigorously support what we agree is most important and see to it that mass media headlines and features our accord and cooperation for mutual goals, with examples of actions and benefits. Our differences may continue, but will be tempered by vital mutual purposes and a clear objective.

To create a healthy atmosphere of hope that will inspire vigorous action for the future, we must focus attention on important points of agreement in the major issues that concern us.

The unifying concept that can aid our endeavor is the idea that all individuals and institutions are to now act as Earth Trustees, seeking in ecology, economics and ethics the actions that will provide a healthy future and fair benefits for everyone. This can be implemented by every municipality forming an independent Earth Trustee Committee or organization. Together they will engage in a vigorous Earth Campaign, or "Battle for Earth" that will marshal all humanity against poverty, pollution and ignorance.

This moral equivalent of war will be aided by daily Earth Minutes on Radio and TV throughout the world. These minutes wil be at 0300, 1100 and 1900 GMT. Simultaneous and global, they will be without words, speaking to the heart by using inspirational bells and music. During these worldwide minutes TV and Internet can show views of children, nature, our planet as seen from Space. Together, they will provide a global heartbeat of hope for the future.

By taking the initiative in this endeavor, the United Nations and its Non Government Organizations will lead into the next millennium with Earth Trustee vision and action. Humanity will then be able to continue the human adventure and its search to understand the meaning of existence, of the universe and of the mystery of life.

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June 6, 2005