The global media message that can now provide a future for our planet.


Internet has made the world more aware of the wide rage of differences about most everything.  This at a time when information technology provides a thousand different perspectives of global dangers and opportunities.  There is constantly new data that provides another view.

There is common agreement about some things.  It is hard to generalize, but most scholars will agree that we have an amazing planet.  There is raw material, natural resources and now technology which wisely used could provide a good life for most everyone.

To move in this direction we need a sense of global community and a common cause that will unite us in a moral equivalent of war - a grand global effort for the rejuvenation of Earth and a future of peaceful progress.

This must be done in a way that is fair and that will enable all to participate - with greater benefit for those who render greater service.  No individual, corporation or government is capable of organizing the whole world for this task.  But a general description of the policies and actions needed are available.  See the "Earth Magna Charta" (  The keystone of the Earth Magna Charta is the Earth Trustee idea:  Everyone has a right to benefit from Earth's natural bounty and an equal responsibility to help take care of it.

The Earth Magna Charta provides enough information for any group, institution or government body to initiate an Earth Trustee effort.  Often there are already projects that are pursuing these goals.  This Earth Signal program will increase and spread such efforts.


We are in part a media made society.  People's attitudes and actions are the result of what they think.  Actions good or bad begin in the mind.  Leaders in religion and altruists of all kinds must go all out to publicize what will heal, build and unite.

Press, radio, TV and web sites can save the world if they will feature Earth Trustee efforts and results.  Focus on this can be aided by a daily EARTH SIGNAL.  

EARTH SIGNAL                         
This would consist of one ring of the United Nations Peace Bell and would be heard simultaneously throughout the Earth.  It would be programmed as "A CALL TO PEACE, a moment of silent meditation for planet Earth."

The taped sound of the Peace Bell would be broadcast every day at 1900 GMT (2:00 pm EST-New York), the official time of the signing of the United Nations Charter in 1945.  This would be repeated 12 hours later at 0700 GMT
for maximum effect.

The purpose of the Earth Signal will be to encourage a global approach to our problems, to reinforce and unite the enlightened people of thought and vision who find in their own sovereign conscience the best source of ideas and
actions.  It will provide a new unity and power to all who believe in prayer, meditation, and the growing evidence that our thoughts, feelings and will can affect other minds.  The Earth Signal will enable people of faith to unite in
heart and mind -- at the same time, for the same purpose all over the world.  It will also encourage the new ideas of Earth Rights, Earth Care -- and spread the new discovery that we are first of all Earth People.

The Earth Signal will require less than five seconds by TV or radio.  It could be included with a station break.  We urge all who would support this idea to write or phone their station.  "If those who believe in the power of mind and Spirit will act now, the Earth Signal will quickly spread around the world."


While the Earth Trustee idea can take root anywhere, there is one place where results would focus attention of the whole world.  Jerusalem - the place called holy by 3 major religions (Christian, Jewish, Moslem) -- has a long
history of discord and conflict.  With the support of the Pope and other religious world leaders, Earth Signal could get attention for action that would diminish poverty, pollution and injustice all over the world.

The struggle to solve the Palestine problem has a long history.  But now there is real progress toward peace in Palestine.  Many things have been accomplished that were considered impossible a few years ago.  Backed by
thoughtful religious leaders the following Earth Right formula would have a chance of success and could bring a new era of enlightenment in Jerusalem and around the world.

The problem was that the Arabs in Palestine believed they were unfairly deprived of their lands.  In their references to peace they always speak of justice and peace.

On the other hand, the Arab sections that were oil-rich did little to assist their suffering brethren.  Nevertheless, a people with ancient roots and culture do not easily give up their homeland, and the Arabs were determined to right the injustice done them and regain their property.

The Jews of Israel maintained that they had prior rights as descendants of the ancient inhabitants of Israel.  [It will be interesting to find out if DNA confirms this!]  If their arguments about prior rights were applied to the United States, Americans would be placed in Canadian refugee camps and the country given back to the Indians.  Of course most (if not all) legal claims to lands by both individuals and countries, if carried back far enough, are found to be illegally obtained - through deception or conquest.

However, because of the unique role of the Jew in the drama of Judeo-Christian history, and because of world sympathies for this people so long without a country, who in recent times suffered far more than any other people the ravages of bigotry and prejudice, the Jews claim on their ancient land has an emotional appeal regardless of how illegal it may be in the eyes of international jurisprudence.

In considering basic human rights, other factors to be considered are the unquestioned virility of the new Jewish state and the far greater benefits they have obtained for the dispossessed individuals and families who have found shelter in their land.  The Arabs, while undergoing an economic revolution and a revolution in human rights, come far short of the progress shown by Israel.

While property rights are the basic issue, nevertheless, the Jews have made far better use of their property.  This is due to able leadership and to the immigrants with progressive education and industrial skills who were attracted to the new country.  This was accompanied by great financial support from Jewish wealth in the United States and other countries.

The solution of this complicated problem is not easy, but the following is suggested.  It is a broad program which could serve not only the Arab-Israeli states, but eventually the whole world.


What is needed is a totally new doctrine of property rights.

In the new age facing us we should recognize the need for equal human rights on a global scale.  Each person who comes into this world should have a right to his share of our global unearned inheritance.  Providence has placed on
this planet enough land, water and other natural resources to provide, with proper development and use, a rich and happy life for every man, woman and child on earth.  Benefits provided by our planet should be enjoyed, not just
by the few, but by everyone.

To pursue this end, a determination should be made of the total value of all the raw land and natural resources on earth.  (apart from improvements or buildings).  The result, divided among all the earth's population, would give the amount of each person's rightful Planetary Inheritance.

Each person would receive his portion in the form that would contribute most to his welfare; through provisions for education, training, agricultural facilities, purchase of a home, or a combination of all these.  This would be each persons stake, his chance, his inheritance.

It is important to note that improvements (houses, factories, etc.) are not included in the appraisal of the Earth's value.  Each person's prosperity would be the result of the wise and efficient use he makes of his global inheritance. He does not have a right to what others have produced from their inheritance.

In principle, nature has provided each man with about two acres of ground, (five acres of ocean fishing) an allotment of minerals, trees, flowers and in the tropics, food.  Now it is up to each man what he makes of it.  Of course, to be practical we must think in terms of equivalent value and opportunity.  In our complex society, not every man can have a two acre plot of ground, but he's entitled to a place of his own and an opportunity to make it a home.  Not many would want to mine their share of copper or drill for their share of oil; but they do want and deserve  opportunity for materials and facilities to render and benefit from some useful service.  They want to enjoy the improvements they provide and pass them on to their children.

To extend this principle further, nations who have more than their share of natural resources - oil, minerals, etc., would make available, at cost, the resources in excess of their share, to those nations who lack their share.  This benefit should be extended to every nation who provides its citizens their planetary birthright.  Further, people in over crowded nations should have the opportunity to emigrate to lands with more room.  Nations with friendly arrangements to help one another in the full development of their countries, would bring great prosperity and a new deeper justice in their
relationships.  Participation by Israel through educational, vocational and industrial development assistance to help supply the Planetary Inheritance for Arab as well as Jew - in Arab countries as well as in Israel, would provide payment to Arabs in excess of the value of the land obtained by Israel in the partition of Palestine.


In conjunction with this, it is suggested that Jerusalem become a United Nations Open City where all religions and races can live together in peace.  Jerusalem was to be a separately administered international entity in the original GA resolution supporting the partitioning of Palestine. 

The three principle religions that believe in a personal God are the Jewish, Christian and Moslem.  They each claim Jerusalem is a holy city and revere the historic Mosque, Church or Temple ruins located there.  In this age of science we should be objective and recognize these three religions have much in common.  For their mutual benefit, let them recognize the major areas in which they agree and cooperate for equal status in Jerusalem.

This would help the efforts in Jerusalem to place individual planetary rights above national rights.  Earth Rights would diminish nationalism but at the same time work to the advantage of all states, for their welfare depends ultimately on the justice and opportunity afforded their citizens.  It would also tend to lessen the danger and the fears of Israeli expansionism and of Arab revenge, for his new doctrine of property rights would give all a new sense of justice.  Both the Arab states and Israel would then be able to cooperate in providing an equal Planetary Inheritance for each Jew and Arab.  This will inspire new moral and meaningful relationships between these ancient brothers, who, in spite of their recent outbreak of hate and violence, deeply desire conciliation and peace.

The task is not impossible.  Let us begin with the global Earth Signal and the power of the faith that works by love. ("Will move the mountains when we pray.")  Earth Trustee-Earth Rights action can spread through Internet and we
will see action from the grass roots up.  And by the Grace of God some at the top will act.  The important thing is, if you agree, then tell others and any group you belong to.  The New Millennium can be a New Beginning!

John McConnell
May 2000