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Proposal for a Weekly Prime Time Television Program

CONCEPT -- EARTH HOUR! is a weekly TV Program to inspire Earth's Rejuvenation through love of God (or the mystery that is the source of life), love of people and love of Earth, our planet.

Broadcast from a GLOBAL STATUS ROOM, a weekly report on the State of Earth will feature problems and possibilities with a tilt toward healthy, peaceful progress in a COUNTDOWN TO EARTH DAY, held each year on the Spring Equinox, in conjunction with the annual UN Earth Day ceremony.

DESCRIPTION -- Everyone will be urged to join a BLITZ FOR A BETTER EARTH, to act each in his or her own way, as a responsible TRUSTEE OF PLANET EARTH; seeking and helping projects in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a prosperous, meaningful future for our planet, with fair benefits and new creative potentials for all its people.

An effort will be made to tap the deepest and best emotional and spiritual impulses common to people of every religion, ideology and philosophy -- recognizing, but not emphasizing or advocating, any of their conflicting creeds; seeking and focusing on deeds that are obviously aiding Earth's rejuvenation.

There will be a ten minute serial feature called WILL BE, based on Norman Corwin's classic 1949 COULD BE.

Each week EARTH HOUR! viewers will be invited to add their name to the STAR OF HOPE Register, a record of their commitment to act in their own way as a TRUSTEE OF PLANET EARTH, by calling a 900 number (a $5.00 charge would be a way of raising funds for Earth Trustee projects). New TRUSTEES will receive a STAR OF HOPE CERTIFICATE, a STAR OF HOPE PIN, and the EARTH TRUSTEE IDEA, with the encouragement that they advance Earth Trustee projects as they "Think, Predict, Choose and Do."

8-9 PM CT

8:00 -- Introduction: Images of Space -- galaxies, solar system, and the Earth.

8:01 -- EARTH HOUR! Status Room (patterned after Pentagon Game Room): satellite views of continents, mountains, deserts, oceans, cities, house, car, factory, tree, whale, birds, child.

8:02 -- The United Nations Peace Bell ringing on Earth Day. Bells from Mt. Athos, Tibet, Africa, etc. View of Earth and Sun at moment of Equinox. Narrator:
"Every year on the annual Earth Day -- the first Day of Spring in the northern half of our planet and the beginning of Autumn in the Southern hemisphere -- the United Nations Peace Bell is rung, signaling nature's moment of balance when light and darkness are equal in both hemispheres."

"The purpose of EARTH HOUR! is to achieve balance -- equilibrium and unity in global efforts for Earth's rejuvenation; to suggest possible roles people can play and inspire vigorous actions to make every family, every institution, Earth partners and responsible TRUSTEES OF PLANET EARTH."
8:05 -- News reports on current world events that are winning or losing the battle for Planet Earth. Facts and opinions will be given by scientists, scholars and laymen on what is being done and what can be done to tip the balance from Earth Kill to Earth Care, from degradation to rejuvenation of Earth life.

8:25 -- Inspiring examples of Earth Trustee actions that meet environmental, economic and social needs. Five-minute reports of cities, neighborhoods, and organizations joining the Earth Trustee Campaign in a Peace Blitz for a better world.

8:45 -- Segment of WILL BE, our hope for the future, explaining the vision in clear and specific terms, in different content areas week to week. Invited guests appearing in studio.

8:55 -- Appeal for Earth Trustee participation, Star of Hope Registry, and flying of the Earth Flag. Brief one-minute reports of additional Earth Trustee actions by groups, cities, towns, schools, clubs, churches, and businesses.

COMMERCIALS: Sponsors of products and services that best meet environmental and health standards will be sought and invited to advertise -- a special privilege for them. Assistance in selecting them might be obtained from Consumers Digest -- or other appropriate organizations.

EARTH HOUR! would benefit from a world tour with visits to heads of State enlisting their support for global acceptance of trusteeship of Planet Earth and Earth Day.

This proposal for an EARTH HOUR! is a pilot idea with great promise.
We hope you will offer assistance to help make it work.

Let us know who you are and become an Earth Trustee. Just fill out our form!

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