EARTH DAY -- 1997

Thursday, March 20
Earth Day is on the Equinox,
Nature's day all over the world.

The Peace Bell at the United Nations in New York will ring at 8:55 a.m.EST -- the beginning of Spring. At the same moment (2:55 p.m. in Austria) the Peace Bell at the United nations is Vienna will ring.

One global common moment celebrating life with dedication of heart and mind to think and act as responsible Earth Trustees. We are one human family and have only one Earth.

Peace and the care of Earth begin in the mind. On Earth Day we can think, pray and plan what we will do to restore and renew the wonder of life on our planet. A "New Day" when differences are forgotten as we share the wonder of nature's new life and new beginning.

Radio and TV are requested to provide life coverage of the United Nation ceremonies so we can all participate.


March Equinox -- Nature's moment of "global equipoise"

Observed as the beginning of a new year in ancient China, England, Persia, Egypt, North and south America, at the moment of Equinox the Sun is setting at the South Pole and rising at the North Pole. On the equator at noon you will cast no shadow.

This common event for
all humanity will occur
on March 20, 1997 at:

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