From John McConnell

In the darkness that today encompasses civilization a faint glimmer of hope is found when we think of Christmas. Two thousand years ago the Bethlehem Star presaged a new day of light and love for humanity. While it was followed by some changes for the better then, and through the centuries, its promise has not yet been realized.

As we approach a new millennium a growing number of people see hope for the future. Of course many are like the man who on a dark night looked down and saw a mud puddle. But others are like his friend who looked at the same mud puddle and instead saw stars reflected in it.

A major problem is the corruption found in pinnacles of power. There you find brilliant "Spin Doctors" who use words to confuse, distort and deceive. Today's accent on violence, hate and fear accentuates the darkness. The gory murder should be reported, but not blot out, or even exceed, attention for proven solutions to eliminate problems.

A heartfelt commitment to peace, justice and the care of Earth can be strongly encouraged by reports (features, headlines) of solutions that work.

To speed the day when the global state of mind will inspire, instead of discourage, positive efforts to rejuvenate our planet and encourage its people, let you who read this message wholeheartedly decide you will think and act as a trustee of Earth. Then forward this message to your closest friends, and they will do the same. Here is an opportunity to cover the world with convincing words and deeds that will bring peace, justice and a promising future for the human adventure.

It is true that some segments of humanity do not believe in the Event symbolized by the star of Christmas. But there is no religion or no nation on earth (considering people, not governments) that does not respond with hope and longing to the angel's song of Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.

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June 6, 2005