Will the beginning of the new Millennium on January 1, 2001 signal the doom of civilization – or a new age of enlightenment?

Evidence compiled by experts points to global disaster.  The facts are succinct in Paradise for Sale, a new book by Carl M. McDaniel and John M. Gowdy. 

This Parable of Nature documents how the quest for money and misuse of science and technology exhausted the natural wealth of Nauru, a tiny island in the Pacific.  The profit-first mentality rendered Nauru a “Paradise Lost” for its natives and habitat.  The authors compare the devastation of this small island to what is happening worldwide.  But while Nauru has become a charity case, to whom will the world turn for charity?

Nauru is a microcosm of the rest of the world.  The only chance for survival of civilization is a rapid change of attitudes and actions that will rejuvenate our planet.


November 11, Veteran’s Day, is just 50 days before January 1, 2001.  What we do in this 50 day countdown will decide whether New Year’s Day is Doomsday – or a new beginning for civilization.

In this brief period, it is imperative the whole human family mobilize for a moral equivalent of World War II.

The original Earth Day (March 21, 1970) provides a unifying world view and a program for action.  A method by which every individual and institution acts as a Trustee of Earth – seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future.

Thousands of group projects already help people and planet.  Their impact can increase dramatically by uniting in a global Earth Trustee campaign with the one common cause to all – the REJUVENATION of Earth.

Until now, Earth Caretakers have been a sad minority.  The most powerful institutions (global corporations and rich governments) usually put financial profit first.  The social and environmental damage is disastrous.  But Earth Trustee vision and action can change that.


Press, radio, TV and Internet play a vital role.  Actions good or bad begin in the mind.  Those able to command media attention have a special obligation to speak out about the crisis and its solutions – the Earth Trustee vision and agenda as outlined on the Earth Day website:

Here is an opportunity for Pope John Paul II, Billy Graham, the Dali Lama and ALL world leaders to call for unification, prayer and heart-felt dedication to the care of Earth – to think and act as Trustees of Earth.  Leaders in other areas of the public trust ideally will do the same.

Mass media has a sacred obligation as the eyes and ears of the public to:

With the Media’s cooperation, Earth Day 2001 – on Nature’s historic annual event, the March Equinox, will provide a great, global holiday with worldwide participation of people in every creed and culture.

8 October 2000

John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day

Tel: (718) 366-6963