By John McConnell - Founder of Earth Day

Earth Day -- March 20. 2001

Dear God,

As we enter a new millennium, more than ever before people of every creed and culture want an answer to the ultimate questions that have troubled civilization through its history.

What is life all about? Why are we here? Where are we going?

Science and religion have sought answers and end up with only more questions.

Beliefs of every kind abound. But no one provides evidence that all fair minded parties can agree on. No one has presented a video tape documenting the existence and nature of heaven - or other dimensions of reality.

Logic demands a cause for every effect. The more we learn about the Cosmos, the more our amazement at both the chaos and order we find. Science now acknowledges there can be no creation without a Creator. Chaos cannot cause beauty, order, music and meaning.

To create art or music, human beings need intellect and emotion. The Creator of Earth and stars must be far superior to us in mind and consciousness. The greatest wisdom we know is love. The Creator must be a God of love.

Religions have at times caused wars and violence. But at their best, they have brought harmony and peaceful progress in the human adventure. I'm grateful for my Christian faith and the reverence for life it has engendered.

My life experience has given me a vision of the challenge and opportunity the human family now has to rejuvenate our planet and its human cultures with an Earth Trustee agenda to eliminate poverty, pollution and violence. We have the technology and information that rightly used could make this nest in the stars a garden of Eden.

I pray and think you hear my prayers. Sometimes miracles happen and I give you thanks. But I cannot understand the unanswered prayers and the pain and suffering that millions of people experience.

You must exist. But Dear God, why don't you show yourself in an unmistakable way and tell the whole human family why we are here and what we should do?

Strangely, my heart is filled with deep anguish -- and exhilarating hope.

Please help.


John McConnell

Earth Day - March 20, 2001


To Earth Trustee friends of Earth Day...

While we are confronted with great mysteries about the big picture, we can all agree that we have an obligation to help take care of the skin of life that covers our globe - and seek fair benefits for all people. Do what you can to aid this purpose.


John McConnell
1933 Woodbine St.
Ridgewood, NY 11385

Wish Only Well