By John McConnell - Earth Day Founder
December 1999

The coming of a new millennium has focused attention on the big picture:  Our planet - its life and its future.

Human history's brief record of a few millennia has been tragic, with the evils of war, greed and lust.  While history has many examples of support for "peace, justice and the care of Earth," the fact is we have been devoting pennies for peace and billions for bombs.  The money spent just by the United States in the past year for weapons and programs designed to kill people, could eliminate poverty and pollution, if it were devoted to the Earth Trustee agenda advocated at the United Nation's Earth Day celebration.

The Earth Trustee idea is appealing to people of every creed and culture.  It is very simple and powerful.  All that is needed is for individuals and institutions to think and act as trustees of Earth, seeking in their own way to: 

"Make choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the wonder of life and nurture people and planet."

We can now halt the awful record of history with its injustice, wars and violence.  Napoleon once said, "Imagination rules the world."  Internet opens new opportunities to capture the imagination of the world with a solution that can appeal to all.  Projects and efforts that are achieving Earth Trustee goals can be posted as Earth Trustee actions on message boards and forums.

Let every person who receives this message deepen their commitment and take action - personally and with any group you belong to. Instead of succumbing to the evils of the past millennium, let us take advantage of the new possibilities that we now have to change from Earth Kill to Earth Care.  The miracle of Internet points the way.

Forward this to a few friends and suggest they do the same.   Let's circle the world now with a positive Earth Trustee vision that can rejuvenate our planet.  You can make a difference.

EARTH TRUSTEE MILLENNIUM: One man's view for the future.