2004 -- Saturday, March 20 at 1:49 a.m. EST


Suggestions for individuals, organizations or small groups.

Every local observance of Earth Day will help its global purpose: Earth Trustee attitudes and actions throughout the year that will benefit people and planet.  On Earth Day we get attention for solutions and bring to our task the joy of celebration.

The centerpiece of Earth Day is the March Equinox, nature's moment of equipoise.  That is the moment when Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.  At that moment (Saturday, March 20, 2004 at 1:49 a.m. EST in New York City) the Peace Bell at the United Nations will ring -- signalling a minute for global silent prayer or reflection; a time for awareness that we are one human family, for heartfelt commitment to think and act as trustees of Earth.

As the UN Peace Bell rings at UN headquarters in New York City, it will be joined by the simultaneous ringing of peace bells around the world.  It is hoped that every group observing Earth Day will ring a bell, or bells, at that time.

Suggested Format for Earth Day Observance:

The day should be devoted to projects that will help the Earth Trustee agenda -- Peace, Justice and the care of Earth.


Spring Clean-up -- local block, streets, empty lots, yards and play areas.  Planting -- trees, shrubs, gardens.  Shorelines of coastal areas.

Discussion of environmental impact of current policies and plans.

Discussion of Earth Trustee solutions for environmental preservation and care.

Earth Trustee Exhibits: Composting, clean energy, health alternatives, reduction of pesticide usage through Integrated Pest Management.

How to shop, invest, save, travel -- the Earth Trustee way.

Note: At the first Earth Day -- in San Francisco, March 21, 1970,
Golden Gate Park provided schools with shrubs and tree saplings
for children to plant.  The Red Cross delivered them.


Recognition or awards for political or economic actions that eliminate poverty and homelessnes.

Discussion of Earth Trustee solutions for the impact of impaired environments on neighborhoods.


Where possible, let people of different creeds, races or cultures come together on Earth Day.  Commend, with words or possible awards, examples of peaceful resolution of conflict.

Earth Day is a time to look at pollution and poverty problems and point to attitudes and actions that will achieve Earth Trustee goals.  Planners for Earth Day should print-out and study the Earth Magna Charta and creatively look for ways to implement its objectives.  For other ideas, see

*Earth Day, the original, has always been on the March Equinox -- an occasion when night and day are equal in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  This event is simultaneous world-wide, which means the local time will be different in each time zone.  And in some cases, in relation to the other side of the Earth, it will be the next day.

To friends and other interested parties -- This is a pilot project with great worldwide promise.  We hope you will help make it work.

Let us know who you are and become an Earth Trustee --
Commit yourself to lifelong support of environment-friendly actions and policies.
Please register as an Earth Trustee at the official Earth Trustee Registry.

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