Copy of letter faxed to President George W. Bush April 3, 2001


Dear Mr. President,

The upcoming Easter, the first in the new millennium, provides a great opportunity. Get attention for the following, and America will lead the world into a better future.

EARTH'S RESURRECTION: We know America and the world are facing terrible problems. Easter provides the solution!

Our country was founded by devout Christians. They headed our country in the right direction and it became the envy of the world.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." and embodied the meaning of truth. The understanding of the importance of truth and its connection with God led to the wise policies and actions that followed. America became the envy of the world.

But in recent years secularism has corrupted our country -- teaching that there is no absolute truth. Everything is relative and no need for a belief in God. Cynicism and corruption are the result.

We need a miracle. On Good Friday, ask America to join in heartfelt repentance and prayer -- with a new commitment to peace, justice and the care of Earth. On Easter we will confirm our commitment as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. With heartfelt faith we can then join in each doing what we can to aid Earth's Resurrection.

God will hear our prayer and aid our efforts. We will see a miraculous change for the better in America and all over the world.


John McConnell
Earth Day Founder


To one and all

Spread the word. Help get global attention for our opportunity to make this Easter a Resurrection Day for the whole world.

Wish Only Well