EARTH DAY -- March 20, 2001

Let Bells Ring All Over the World!


Here is a simple challenge that can appeal to most people and result in global, heartfelt dedication to real peace, and a great future.

All that is needed is for each of us to be Trustees of Planet Earth.

What kind of world would we have if every person of good will tried, in their own way, to be a Trustee of Earth -- seeking the protection and care of Earth's natural bounty and fair benefits for everyone?

The Earth Trustee Challenge can bring honest accord, based on love of planet and people -- with mutual responsibilities for all. There will be differences about how to achieve this, but setting it as a mutual goal will aid all our efforts for justice and peace.

The EARTH TRUSTEE IDEA is what the world is waiting for. The first Earth Day in the New Millennium is the time to get Earth's attention for this vital solution to our global problem -- our endangered planet.

On Earth Day, March 20, 2001, at 8:31 a.m. in New York (The moment Spring begins) the Peace Bell at the United Nations will be rung, followed by a two minute worldwide pause for silent prayer, meditation or reflection; a time for dedication by Earth's people to be Trustees of Earth -- all over the world!

Bells will ring all over the world -- for example,

London (1:31 p.m.)
Vienna, Rome (2:31 p.m.)
Moscow (4:31 p.m.),
Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong,
Manila (9:31 p.m.)
Tokyo (10:31 p.m.)
Sydney (11:31 p.m.).

This is the March Equinox - nature's special event of balance and renewal. It begins Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Let every leader in science, politics, philosophy, entertainment, finance, and religion, now urge global participation in this event, with live coverage by radio, TV and Internet. Let bells in every country join the Peace Bell at the United Nations acclaiming a turn from death and destruction to the nurture of Earth life and its people.

In this Great Day for the Whole World, we can come together in a powerful common cause -- peace, justice and the care of Earth! The New Millennium will be a New Beginning -- an Earth Trustee Millennium of appreciation and care for the amazing web of life that covers our globe...

John McConnell
Founder of Earth Day