Internet is a Tower of Babel

From Earth Day Founder John McConnell

Internet is a Tower of Babel – reflecting the chaos and confusion in civilization. Let’s convert it into a pillar of light – a Lighthouse for the new millennium. Earth Day 1999 will be Saturday, March 20 on one side of the planet and Sunday, March 21 on the other side of the planet -- nature’s special day of equipoise when night and day are equal all over the world.

You can help circle the globe on Earth Day with the message that will foster peace, appeal to the most people and do the most good for people and planet: "Let every person and institution now think and act as a Trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future."

This Earth Trustee agenda appeals to people of every creed and culture. The grass roots spread of the idea can change world public opinion from Earth Kill to Earth Care and provide positive results: positive thinking, positive prayers and positive Earth Trustee actions.

The corrupt use of power by governments, corporations – and especially mass media, can now be eliminated by individual Earth Trustee actions in a moral equivalent of World War II.

The key to success is effective use of Internet to spread participation. Then all together each year, we can confirm commitment as we join on the March Equinox in celebration of Earth Day. This day can also bring headlines globally of Earth Trustee efforts and solutions that are working.

Earth Day 1998 was celebrated in the Mir Space Station at the moment of Equinox when the Peace Bell was rung at the United Nations (2:55 p.m. EST, Friday March 20, 1998). Around this special moment of nature's equipoise,with live bell ringing on Internet, is the ideal time for silent prayer and heartfelt commitment to think and act as an Earth Trustee. Then you will see better what to do in the days that follow.

To friends and other interested parties. This is a pilot project with great promise. We hope you will help make it work.

Let us know who you are and become an Earth Trustee. Just fill out our Earth Trustee form.

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