John McConnell
1933 Woodbine
Ridgewood, NY

February 4, 2001

Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations

Your Excellency,

March 20, 2001, will be the 30th Anniversary of the first Earth Day at the United Nations. A statement by you at this time could call attention to its importance. In 1971 UN Secretary General U Thant issued an advance statement that circled the globe and resulted in media attention and a significant global participation by people of every creed and culture.

U Thant stated, " Earth Day has become suddenly necessary to remind us of the fact our small planet is perishable. All of us, especially the leaders of this world, must have the vision, the courage and a new broadly-based sense of human solidarity to join our thoughts, our hearts and our forces to change the present course of detrimental man-made events and divisions."

While we are far short of our goal, hundreds of individuals and groups around the world are now taking action. But much more is needed.

The observance of the first Earth Day in the New Millennium (March 20, 2001) provides an opportunity for a new beginning. Let us put behind us the mistakes of the past and now act as Earth trustees, seeking in word and deed to fulfill the promise of Earth Day -- peace, justice and care for nature's web of life that covers our globe.

Secretary General U Thant rang the Peace Bell on Earth Day -- which was followed by a brief period of silence for hearts and minds to join in silent prayer or meditation. Each year since then the ringing of the Peace Bell with participation by people of differing creeds and cultures has contributed to stewardship of Earth and conflict-resolution.

It is my urgent plea that you ring the Peace Bell on this first Earth Day in the New Millennium. The time for ringing the bell will be Tuesday, March 20, at 8:31 a.m. -- the moment when Spring begins. Please let us meet with you to discuss details.


John McConnell

Earth Day Founder
1969 announced Earth Day at UNESCO Conference in San