by Lee Lawrence

EARTH DAY -- March 21, 1970 -- was celebrated on the first day of Spring.  John McConnell, who is appropriately called THE FATHER OF EARTH DAY, chose the first day of Spring because it is nature's moment of the equinox;  when the Sun crosses the celestial equator causing the length of day and night to be equal -- a state of equilibrium throughout the Earth: The First Day of Spring, a day that historically has been celebrated by people of every creed and culture -- truly a day worthy of being a holiday for all of Earth's people.

Emulation of such an event as EARTH DAY is bound to happen.  An attempt to use the same data and even to execute similar programs has been made.

It is most unlikely that a copy could have the same virtues.  This does pose a real threat to EARTH DAY's mission to make the millennium an opportunity for The Earth to become new again.  The original EARTH DAY effort was based on achieving peace, justice and responsible stewardship of the precious web of life that covers the globe.

WHAT HAPPENED:  In 1970 there was growing interest in the importance of limiting pollution and aiding the environment.  Senator Gaylord Nelson and Attorney Denis Hays were organizing an Environmental Teach-In on college campuses.  After John McConnell's San Francisco announcement that March 21 would be EARTH DAY, the Hays - Nelson group announced their planned Environmental Teach-In would now be called Earth Day.  Objections by the originators of EARTH DAY were ignored.

EARTH DAY has been celebrated each year at the United Nations in a Peace Bell Ceremony on the original EARTH DAY date, the first day of Spring.  This event was used to further peace and environmental action. 

EARTH DAY at the United Nations has brought together leaders, whose countries were at war with each other, to ring the Peace Bell -- and hear great proponents of peaceful methods for conciliation speak at the same ceremony.  This helped efforts for peace.  For example, on EARTH DAY in 1987 the Peace Bell was rung by representatives of three different cultures and religions:  The people who together rang the Peace Bell were Chester Morris - from the United States Mission to the United Nations, Valentine Karymov - from the USSR Mission to the United Nations, and Sheik Ali Mukhtar - representing the Muslim World League.  This was reported in Moscow and aided discussions on how to end the Cold War. 

Participation by Sheik Ali Mukhtar led to the Peace Bell being rung in 1994 by two children -- Dasana Tenne of Israel and Nasser Obeid of Palestine.  The UN Missions of Palestine and Israel participated.  This aided efforts for peace in the Mid-East.

In 1972 the Peace Bell Ceremony was part of a 12 Hour TV Special seen on 60 TV Stations and reported around the world. Leaders on the environment were featured in this March 21 "Eday." At this event a call was issued to the upcoming conference on the Environment in Stockholm.

Having two events with the same name has caused confusion about what EARTH DAY is and when it should be celebrated.  Denis Hays states frankly their purpose is political.  Thus far they have succeeded in getting backing for their corporate and political agenda. They have numerous web sites to help spread their tentacles in schools, corporations and governments.

Of course this has prevented suitable attention for the Earth Trustee Agenda of the real EARTH DAY.  It also has confused people and somewhat minimized the importance of  the true EARTH DAY in spite of the fact that the March Equinox EARTH DAY has been sponsored by 33 Nobel Laureates.  Leaders like George Gallup, the Pope's United Nations representative - Abp. Renato R. Martino -- and President Arias of Costa Rica have stated its importance.

Understanding EARTH DAY and implementing its Earth Trustee vision is now essential for survival of civilization. Had it gotten the attention that Denis Hays has obtained for April 22 with his billion dollar Bullitt Corporation, the world would now be on its way to a peaceful, prosperous Earth Trustee future in the New Millennium.

Ignoring deception can lead to ignominious mistakes.  When Denis Hays declares that the first Earth Day was April 22 when it is well documented that it was March 21 is a clear signal that the April 22 organizers should not be trusted.  This self-interested deception is a threat to the new millennium. 

Everyone should take action:  Choose the real EARTH DAY and become an Earth Trustee.  Organize meetings to discuss plans  -- and report results and progress on Internet message boards.

Let's make the real Earth Day a grand holiday in the Year 2000 and enjoy a healthy, prosperous Earth Trustee Millennium! 

Any person interested in receiving more information may do so by contacting:

Lee Lawrence
5910 Namakagan, RD,
Bethesda, MD 20816

John McConnell
Earth Trustees, Inc.
4924 E. Kentucky Circle
Denver, CO 80246

Phone: 303-758-7687

   by Norbert Machado 3/21/94

The dormant flora begins to wake
a joyous period of life's renewal,
newness abounding.

A new life dance follows a melody
of growth and light and love
with songs resounding.

>May you renew with spring's sweet kisses
May your life glow with spring's sweet breezes
May dormant love awaken mightily
May your springtime shine ever brightly