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received during
October 2005

Florida -- Artist, ESOL teacher, attended the March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C. in 2004, to help to show support for women, peace and planet. I promote and endorse environmental groups that lobby our politicians to make choices that preserve and protect our preciious resources and our beautiful planet. I also endorse and promote organizations that work to bring about peace and who lobby our politicians to recognize and have conscience about their policies regarding war and aggression.

Virginia -- Office Assistant.

Philippines -- Customs Representative.

Germany -- Christian recording artist, composer, songwriter, and human rights activist. I have performed all over Europe and parts of the US promoting peace among the nations of the world. My latest performance was at the United Nations in June 2005 and perform for many charity functions and do benefit concerts. I'm also in the process of planning a special performance for Pope Benedict in 2006 in Rome.

Canada -- Student, waitress. I have been an avid recycler and have tried to pass on the roles everyone needs to play. I donate monthly to Greenpeace. I have strong beliefs in peace promotion but have failed to be as avid as I would want to be in the past. I am very prepared to become an earth trustee. I am also a girl guide leader and would like to get all the girls involved in earth day and maybe become earth trustees themselves.

Washington -- Vocational consultant. Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, WWF, NWF, Save the Rainforests, Greenpeace, Universal Life Church minister of peace.

California -- Executive Administrative Assistant. Hands-On San Diego, AIDS Walk, United Way, Heart Walk, Adopt-A-Family.

Indiana -- Retired from Information Technology Management. Member of numerous environmental organizations, e.g. NRDC, WWF, Worldwatch Institute, Hoosier Environmental Council,etc. I do presentations to local groups in an effort to raise environmental awareness.

Australia -- Freedom Fighter.

Honduras -- I am a volunteer for the Passionist Volunteers International. I am working on developing an Earth Day 2006 project with my fellow volunteers in order to clean up Talanga, the city where we are based, and raise awareness about environmental issues and how they relate to health, infrastructure, pride in your city

Honduras -- Volunteer. We are working on an Earth Day project here in Talanga, a small city in Honduras where we are working. We are working to educate the people here on how to be good stewards to the Earth and help them to clean up and take pride in their city. We are focusing on health and sanitation, social justice concerning the environment and how pollution affects children.

California -- Executive Director of

received during
December 2004

Egypt -- Acupressure therapist.

Mexico -- Economist in telecommunications industry.

Canada -- Documentary Film Maker, writer and TV producer/director. I have been active in the environmental protection movement as a writer, journalist and film maker. I edited a tabloid version of the World Commission of Environment and Development - The Bruntlandt Commission, and I am a contributing editor for The Blue PLanet newsletter.

Wisconsin -- Graphic designer. V.P. Lions Club.

Michigan -- High School Social Studies Teacher. I have initiated a paper recycling program at our school and I regularly promote recycling of all products. I contribute to city-wide spring clean-ups and make a conscious effort to not litter.

California -- Retired minister and former music teacher. As a minister, I have promoted the cause of peace on all levels, including the planting of peace poles wherever I have served. And, believing that involvement in the arts is a way to peace, I have provided opportunities for "real people" to find the artist within themselves through drama, storytelling, clowning, writing, dance, singing and other forms of music.

California -- Writer, philosopher, poet, mother, social activist and freedom fighter. I am working on re-establishing the legacy of my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury (website: He was a tremendously positive example of personal innovation and stewardship for both knowledge and the Earth. Viewing the Earth as mother of life is for me an extension of my philosophy and faith. My statement of philosophy is encapsulated in what I call Benevolent Individualism. It is very simple. 1. It is wrong to get your way using violence coercion or fraud. The more powerful party to any transaction is obligated to ensure it is fair and beneficial to both.

Connecticut -- Student, cashier. Co-president of "Project Earth" (high school ecology club), part time sustainability staff at summer camp.

Virginia -- AS/400 Specialist and writer. I give generously to charity/fund raiser organizations. Promote peace and environmentally conscious behavior and practices.

Australia -- Musician and artist. I am also employed part-time as support-worker for people with disabilities. I have been involved with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), lobbying to protect ecological and cultural areas of the Americas. I also take an active interest with the Lakotas at Pine Ridge Reservation.

Missouri Receptionist.

Nevada -- Rental company owner. Recycling, planting trees, gardening.

North Carolina -- Student at Davidson College. I am a senior, so I will maybe have a real job soon in sustainable business. I am an English major. I am a leader of the Environmental Action Group at my school. I have developed several successful campaigns including: 1) a furniture drive, to help prevent waste as students jettison their belongings at the end of the year; 2) hall recycling talks for new students, given in one night during orientation by 20+ volunteers; 3) the CUPPS (Can't Use Paper, Plastic, or Styrofoam) program: reusable mugs for students which gets them a discount when used instead of paper cups at the Student Union Cafe (I did not found this program, but was instrumental in its survival). I also lead several waste assessments, which involves inventorying recyclable waste in our trash dumpster. I participate in an Eco-team, giving good stewardship and ecology lessons in 4th grade classrooms. I am looking forward to a HUGE Earth Day celebration, because Davidson Township Planning Department won the EPA's "Overall Excellence in Smart Growth" Award. We're trying to get speakers lined up at this time. Feel free to forward this to anyone not with I noticed a disclaimer of privacy, but I don't mind any more networking.

Nigeria -- Student. I intend to study marketing in the university, but I am seeking a modeling job as in advertising or in the entertainment sector for the time before gaining my admission. I am active only in my local environment, as in my street.

Illinois -- Employee of a small baseball management firm. We represent 30 major league and minor baseball players. While I truly enjoy my job, I believe I have a purpose. In the midst of the recent events, I understand I should do more and want to reach out. I am doing my best to work on recycling. Chicago is one of the worst cities in the US when it comes to recycling. A better job needs to be done. I am at least trying to help little by little, at my office and my condo building.

Colorado -- Full-time biology/premed student. I have participated in short-term Christian missions trips, homeless ministry, and other ministry activities.

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