The Latter Rain Evangel
Stone Church, Chicago
November 1911


Our young brother, J. S. McConnell, who attended our ministry for several months at the Stone Church, has responded to the call of God to sow the Gospel seed in out of the way places, and God has been blessing him. He writes as follows, under date of August 25th.

"I traded a note I had for an auto express car and built a Gospel car on it. I asked the Lord to provide me with the means to carry the Gospel away from the railroads, and he has enabled me to fit up the car in a very handy and comfortable way, and has supplied all our needs. We traveled through Nebraska, part of Wyoming, Colorado, and into Kansas, with a small house built on the car that has only 20 horse power, and went through places where big machines got stuck.

"One evening we had a slight accident to the machinery and in the morning it refused to run. After I had worked with it for about two hours I came to the conclusion that I could do nothing, so we got down on our knees and asked God to make it go. We got up and it started right off and didn't bother us any more. Another time I was driving up a steep hill: there had been a heavy rain and there had washed large holes in the wagon tracks. In spite of my efforts the wheels sank into these holes and, try as we would, we could not get the car out. Finally, we went to God and asked Him to get it out, and as I got upon the seat and started the machine, it moved right off.

"God has been with us along the way: generally we have just stopped on the street and preached, and then started on, but God is pouring out His blessing in a wonderful way in this place (Pierceville, Kansas). There have been eight conversions up to this time, and the people are interested.

"God performed a miracle of healing a few days ago. My little nephew, who is traveling with me, fell off the car and bent his arm between the elbow and the wrist, almost double. When I picked him up I thought it was broken, but it bent the arm in a L shape. The pain was so intense that he could hardly stand it, and the first thing we did was ask God to take away the pain, and it wasn't fifteen minutes until he was sound asleep. Then we asked God to straighten the arm out and heal it, and when we arose from our knees it was almost straight, but God did not straighten it perfectly then, for if He had, the people would not have believed the boy was badly hurt, but he went to the meeting that evening, and from that time, the arm has not hurt him, and is now perfectly straight. He wrote a letter with it two days ago, and he is a living witness to the loving kindness and goodness of God."


The above copy was in material sent to me by Wayne Warner - Assemble of God Archives, October 2000.

Dad was nineteen when this was written and called by some, "The Boy Evangelist." I remember him telling about this. As a boy, I was witness to many miracles of healing and answered prayer.

John McConnell - Son of J. S. McConnell and founder of Earth Day