Laguna Beach, CA 2007

When John McConnell founded Earth Day in 1969, he knew he was at the beginning of a process much needed by this endangered planet. He knew that to raise awareness of the Earth’s deteriorating condition would be a long and difficult process. He also knew that he could not do the job alone. As his realization of the enormity of his task grew, so did that same awareness grow in many others around the world. The most frequently asked question was “What can I do?” This question has been asked by individuals, civic groups, municipalities, states and countries, all with varying degrees of dedication. As his own idea of stewardship evolved, McConnell began to answer that question, his answer varying with the entity asking. For us, the City of Laguna Beach and cities like us around the state, around the country and around the world, McConnell has proposed the concept of “Earth Trustee City.” Knowing as he did that the problems and challenges of the Earth would vary from place to place, McConnell left the concept a fluid one. Because the challenges facing the city of Laguna Beach may differ from those facing other municipalities, the meaning of Earth Trustee City is left to us to define.

In a free society, acceptance of the most important policies must flow upward from those most affected. The City of Laguna Beach hereby proclaims, in furtherance of its Earth Day Proclamation of March 2006, that this City will define its own version of Earth Trustee City. This cannot be done with out the participation of those who make this city what it is -- its residents. We have been given unique gifts whose value are beyond measure. The Pacific Ocean, our rocky and sandy shoreline, our verdant hillsides and our magnificent canyons all define the treasures that are ours to preserve. But where we live does not define who we are; how we present, safeguard and preserve what we have, does.

We understand that our gifts extend beyond the physical landscape. How we raise and educate our children, support those less fortunate, and help each other meet the challenges of life all contribute to the definition of who we are as a community.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Toni Iseman, Mayor of Laguna Beach, hereby declare the City of Laguna Beach to be an Earth Trustee City and invite each and every one of us to help define what that means.

Mission Statement

Endangered Planet Gallery exists to raise the awareness to environmental concerns of the earth and its inhabitants and is dedicated to the preservation of the world’s cultures through the arts and public awareness programs.

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