Air Force Academy, Denver -- June 2, 2004

By John McConnell, 89 year old founder of Earth Day

In his speech today President Bush said, "The best way to protect America is to stay on the offensive."

He has certainly done that. The billions of dollars and the military expansion of his administration has made the United States the most powerful military force in the world.

However, this presents an enigma. Bush claims to be a Christian and says that since his conversion years ago in Texas, he has been a follower of Christ. He says that Jesus Christ has been the greatest influence in his life.

In Matthew 26:52 Jesus said, "Put up thy sword... All they that take the sword shall perish by the sword." In the Beatitudes (Matthew 5) Jesus said we were to love our enemies. He said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." The 147 commandments that Jesus gave expanded the meaning of his love -- "Do good to them that hate you.... Agree with your adversary...."

Ever since Jesus lived there have been differences about what Jesus taught. There have been "War Christians" and "Peace Christians." The Texas Chistians where Bush attended Church were War Christians.

Some War Christians became "Dealers in Death" and made big money by developing and promoting devilish weapons. They promoted war and made millions on the weapons they sold.

Bush and his war makers have now provided us with World War 3 -- the terrorism war. We have responded to terrorists by becoming the more powerful terrorist.

The ways to end our human addiction to war have been ignored. Saints and sages from Jesus to Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr., pointed the way. A heartfelt dedication to the kind of love Jesus taught and demonstrated can make peace on Earth a reality.

This is a plea from the 89 year old founder of Earth Day. The 1970 Earth Day in San Francisco proclaimed the way to "peace, justice and the care of Earth." Earth Day efforts at the United Nations led to the end of the "Cold War" and aided many peace efforts around the world.

Do what you can to aid and support real peace efforts. To avoid total catastrophe we must and can now achieve a global turn toward peace. Pray, and put feet to your prayers by words and actions that foster understanding, cooperation and the Peace that Jesus taught and demonstrated.

John McConnell

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