World Peace Blitz

11. August 18, 1963



To initiate a course of action which will mobilize the entire world communications media to promote local community campaigns for peace through methods that will find acceptance in all countries. Successfully undertaken, this would provide a substitute for global war.

The program and activities proposed are intended to create a feeling of common identity and purpose through a hard core of universally accepted actions and goals. Together, they will provide the measure of understanding and trust that is essential to bring about rational political decisions in the United Nations for a just and lasting world peace.

Program: Following is a list of the ingredients which together can release the energies that in the past have been sparked by the positive aspects of war (Common purpose, loyalty, life or death choices, heroism, etc.) and channel them into a dynamic campaign for waging peace throughout the world.

(1.) Peace Blitz Pilot Campaigns

To demonstrate feasibility of massive attack against global enemies of FEAR, Hunger, Illiteracy, Poverty, Barriers (to information, trade and travel).

(2.) Council of World Cities and Towns

An appropriate structure to represent all the regional organizations concerned with government of communities, (Council of Communities in Paris, etc.) and through them to extend the community Peace Blitz Campaigns globally. This would be aided by formation of an International Public Relations Committee.

(3.) Sharing, International

To provide a volunteer organization for financial support of the Peace Blitz campaigns through Share Projects.

John McConnell
5121 Ygnacio Ave.
Oakland, California