59 Peace Blitz & Star of Hope

9. 1959

(1959 Records)

Help Our Planet Earth


A declaration of intent to vigorously wage a Peace Blitz
with attitudes and activities that will serve as an adequate substitute for war.
We hereby pledge our lives, our money and our honor in a total effort to seek out and destroy the enemies of man that have, since the beginning of human history, brought war and bloodshed to each succeeding generation.

These principal enemies we name for world wide destruction:

FEAR -- We will strike down fear with faith. We believe a just and lasting world peace is possible and we will begin preparing for it. We will encourage and aid channels of communication, understanding and cooperation, such as exchange programs, that further world friendship. We will obtain headlines and features in our press and dramatic presentation on radio and TV, of the heroes and programs that work for peace.

HUNGER -- We shall seek in every way possible to banish starvation and malnutrition from the earth. Our efforts will turn the cries of hungry children around the world into joyful singing!

ILLITERACY -- We shall go as teachers, build schools, supply equipment and scholarships, or in other ways, assist those in other lands as well as our own, who desire to read and understand. We will provide tools of the mind that will cultivate friendships and progress.

POVERTY -- We will use our wealth and know-how to help those who will help themselves. We will work with our world neighbors in underdeveloped countries to meet their desire for the benefits of industrialization. We do not seek to impose our way, but to learn, to serve, and to share.

BARRIERS -- We will seek to tear down the walls that separate men against their will. We will strive for an Open World where more and more people can truly meet and learn a little about each other; where the mental barriers of misunderstanding and the physical barriers of restrictions on trade and travel will diminish and disappear.

In pursuing these goals we call for heroic endeavor equal to any sacrifice in the service of war. Our efforts and the efforts of those who join in destroying these enemies will at last provide a legitimate outlet for man's greatness.

In order that this effort may be aided and extended, we ask that our government, through its representative in the United Nations, propose or support a World Peace Blitz. That in this they further define peaceful world goals and in a spirit of brotherhood ask all nations, religions, fraternal organizations and peoples to meet and vigorously work together for those goals they can conscientiously support; that out of the diversities of views and feelings and cultures can develop a hard core of common cause. That furthermore, this dynamic Peace Blitz be accompanied by increased efforts and good faith on the part of all nations in seeking a safeguarded disarmament under law. That this be made to provide the greatest possible measure of freedom and order and to forever prevent the scourge of war.

As a light to inspire great action, we further request that our government and the United Nations approve the launching of an illuminated Satellite of the World. Launched by peoples of all nations, this satellite will symbolize world cooperation and our will for peaceful progress. It will serve both science and peace. In addition to its scientific instruments, it will carry a microfilm with our names and names of people in all countries who affix their signatures to the following commitment:


I, a citizen of this planet, dedicate my friendship and knowledge
to work for peace among all men.
I will, to the best of my ability,
aid the efforts that heal, build and unite.
John McConnell
18391 Banyon St.
Rialto, California