8. Notes -- 8-4-58


"Faith is a quality of mind that is optimistic about the unknown"

A New Force for Peace (Community Action)

National governments are handicapped in taking action for peace because responsibility for the security of the nation rests with them and they must be ever suspicious of the action of a potential enemy. Under these circumstances it is difficult, if not impossible, to give the benefit of the doubt in negotiations with nations that in any way represent a threat.

Since each nation is sovereign, it acts as officer, judge and jury in differences with other nations. When threat exists, or appears to exist, agreements are of little value -- for fear and suspicion, or bridled ambition, distort them.

Therefore, while nations give lip service to peace, they pour their treasuries into ever increasing armaments. World government would solve this problem but cannot be achieved in the growing atmosphere of suspicion and fear. A new force is needed to break the vicious circle of armaments and hostility.

A crash program for peace by communities, towns and cities can do what nations find impossible -- bring understanding, goodwill and trust between people of East and West and create a climate in which the nations can effectively discuss disarmament.

Our diplomats, in dealing with the U. S. S. R., must constantly ask themselves, "What are they up to?" The mayor of a town, the president of a local service club or P. T. A., or citizen John Doe can meet his Russian counterpart and concern himself primarily with the question, "What do we have in common."

John McConnell