2002 Earth Day Message, by John McConnell, founder of Earth Day


Earth Day and its Earth Trustee idea provides the best way for a sustainable future.   Every project seeking a better future for people and planet can benefit by joining in observance of Earth Day.  This provides common ground and aids cooperation among people seeking a better future for themselves and others.

Earth Day occurs on the first day of Spring - nature's moment of equipoise, when night and day are of equal length all over the world.   Since early human history, it has been recognized and observed in different ways as a  beautiful symbol of new life and renewal

By featuring Earth Day as The Great Day of Earth and adopting the Earth Trustee Idea, the global balance of good and evil will change more and more to what is best.

While we live in the midst of a crumbling civilization, overwhelmed with grave problems, Earth Day provides an event and agenda that given global attention can save civilization and provide a new beginning for the human family.

The Earth Trustee ideas that came from the Earth Day celebrated each year at the United Nations, increased attention for peace, justice and the care of the amazing web of life that covers our globe.  It helped end the Cold War and initiated efforts for environmental action.  (See Earth Day: Past, Present, Future, at
www.earthsite.org )

The Earth Trustee challenge contains the key elements that can invigorate reforms in every area --- environmental, economic, social and spiritual.  With this new vision, we will choose to act as Earth Trustees, help Earth's rejuvenation and enjoy its natural bounty.

As the Earth Trustee concept spreads worldwide, it will meet the requirements for a peaceful, prosperous future all over the world.  Here are the key guidelines for environmental action and global peace.

To further peaceful progress by humanity we urge resolution of conflict be sought by carefully defining the nature of differences and the important areas of accord in dealing with conflicting systems, creeds and cultures -- ever stressing Earth Trustee goals.

The over-arching goals of Earth Trusteeship can diminish conflict and bitter controversy and promote world peace.  When there is more money spent on education in peaceful resolution of conflict than in  money spent on bombs and military programs, we will have no more wars.

It should be recognized that ultimate questions about reality are still shrouded in great mystery -- leaving room for honest differences in beliefs and interpretations about the meaning of life.  This does not mean a lesser belief in one's creed -- or less rejection of other creeds, but a willingness to temper one's ideology or faith with a tolerance of another person's belief -- so long as their adherence does not infringe on one's freedom of choice; and so long as they foster the nurture of Earth and fair benefits for Earth caretakers, i.e. Earth Trustees.

The same Earth Trustee policy applies to political parties.  People to People cooperation is possible as long as there is acknowledgment of differences and a careful avoidance on both sides of claiming that cooperation means support of partisan ideas or ideologies.  Enlightened leaders must constantly expose any hidden conspiracies to win the minds of people.  But ever seek points of honest accord,

Think about it, talk about it. Forward this message to friends.  Help make Earth Day 2002 (March 20) the Great Day of Earth.

John McConnell
February 2002


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