Imagination and emotions are stirred by gripping stories of what the future might bring. And where there is true vision actions will follow. A solid sound description of a possible future can inspire efforts to make it happen.

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" encouraged efforts that resulted in submarines that eventually cruised under the ice at the North Pole.

Space exploration in science fiction by H. G. Wells, Isaac Asimov and others stimulated and aided humanities ventures into Space.

Improved race relations were greatly aided by Martin Luther King Jr.'s inspiring "I Have A Dream."

Norman Corwin produced a great United Nations radio play "Could Be" in 1948 describing the future that could result if nations gave the vigor, money and manpower used in past wars to wage a "Peace Blitz" against poverty, ignorance and disease.

The Bible's vision of a Millennium that would bring peace on Earth is a stimulus for new attitudes, conduct, social structures and goals that can make the dream of a healthy, prosperous future come true in the decades just ahead.


To put this in perspective let us imagine some aliens visiting our planet. They would see the amazing skin of life that covers our globe, the abundant raw materials and natural resources, the technology we have developed, the great store of knowledge and know-how we possess and the skills -- active and potential -- of our people.

They would undoubtedly be intelligent enough to resolve their conflicts peacefully. Seeing the state of our evolution, the end of the crucial Cold War and the way we are now connected by telephone, computers and fax, they would wonder why there is poverty, pollution and conflict on Planet Earth. We obviously have the basis for a healthy, prosperous planet.


Now the object of this article is to remind readers we are one human family and here is a way to come together in a Campaign for Earth -- a peace blitz that will open the door to achieving the better goals of most everyone on Earth.

The formula that will be used to accomplish this is one that can obtain almost universal support. Simply stated, we are asking every individual and institution to act as a TRUSTEE OF EARTH, seeking to find and support key points of agreement in ecology, economics and ethics; to make the rejuvenation and prosperity of our planet and its people our most important endeavor; to accent the positive in our conversations and efforts.

A media blitz for an Earth Campaign, backed by concerned leaders and laymen can eliminate poverty and pollution. This can provide a moral equivalent of war where every individual and institution will act -- as a trustee of Earth as we seek in every vocation and endeavor to protect and nurture the natural resources and miraculous diversity of life on our planet.

Let us begin now and we can celebrate an historic change from Earth Kill to Earth Care on Earth Day 2001 (March 20-21) at the moment of the Equinox when night and day are equal all over the world. This can be a great global celebration that will begin a new millennium of hope for humanity.

To friends and other interested parties. This is a pilot project with great promise. We hope you will help make it work.

Let us know who you are and become an Earth Trustee. Just fill out our form!

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